Greg Lowe Video & Digital Design

motion graphics for businesses and filmmakers

Businesses: Let words come to life with motion

Motion graphics enable you to reach your audience dynamically just like with recorded videos, but can usually be produced at a lower cost. Pricing will depend on how much work is involved. Motion graphics videos can either be created with animated text and music or with a voice-over audio recording. Check out some of our samples in the link below and let us know if we can help get your businesses model in motion. Simple animated text videos start as low as $200. Check out some of our samples below.

Filmmakers: leave the credit roll and other effects to us

Some film producers, directors, and editors have enough on their plate to worry about the extra work that can go into a visually stunning credit roll. Title sequencing is also one of the aspects of films that gets overlooked the most. If you want someone to focus on this aspect of your story, let's start collaborating. We can create a stylistic credit roll that will add to the viewers experience when experiencing your story. Bold, simple, elegant, or dazzling. We can create it.